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Findingcommon ground.

Adrienne Lee Mediation & Family Law draws on more than 20 years of success.

Adrienne Lee has a steady and consistent approach to achieving her clients’ goals. It starts with a deep understanding of family law, nurtured over two decades of studying and practising law in Ontario. As a mediator, Adrienne works quickly to find common ground and build a practical resolution that serves everyone. As a family lawyer, Adrienne strives for the best possible outcome for her clients. While she prefers a cooperative approach, she isn’t afraid to lean into her training as a corporate litigator if the situation warrants it.

A fully accredited mediator with deep legal experience.

Adrienne is an accredited family mediator (AccFM) and offers mediation services in-person and virtually over Zoom. She assists with both financial (property and support) and child-related issues. What sets Adrienne apart as a mediator is her many years of working as a lawyer. 

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A family lawyer with deep litigation experience.

Adrienne assists clients with all aspects of family law. Parties may choose to negotiate a separation agreement, attend mediation to agree on settlement terms, or be involved in a court proceeding to resolve their issues. Click below to read more about her areas of experience.

Each party retains their own lawyer and works towards a negotiated settlement by way of a separation agreement.

Mediation is a private process during which a mediator helps people to reach a settlement.

Litigation is an adversarial process that may lead to a trial where a judge decides parenting, support, and property issues.

Adrienne Lee. An experienced and compassionate problem solver.

Whether she’s mediating or practising law, she brings the same two attributes to the table: a deep understanding of the law and an ability to find common ground.

  • Compassionate and Strategic Family Law Guidance
  • Extensive Legal Experience and Court Proficiency
  • Experienced in Complex Financial and Parenting Cases
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Adrienne Lee is based in Toronto. She assists clients throughout the GTA.